A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

NOTE: as of now, only a demo is available. The full game will be released once the game is greenlit. If you want to play the full game sooner, don't forget to vote!

RFLEX is a fast-paced and challenging neo-arcade game. Frantically dodge your way to the high score in a series of rage-inducing levels while enjoying a kickass, original soundtrack. Experience trippy visuals while being pulled into a never-ending abyss of addicting, non-stop action.

RFLEX is about dodging rectangles coming from multiple directions using a unique joystick-like control scheme for as long as is humanly possible. It seems simple at first, but quickly erupts into a brutally difficult experience.

"There is absolutely no room for error. If you panic or hesitate for a second you will die."

-Alpha Beta Gamer

Key Features

  • 5 insanely challenging levels
  • Eons of addicting gameplay
  • Simplistic, trippy neo-arcade aesthetic
  • Rapid electronic soundtrack by Adhenoid, Ashedragon, and ForeverBound
  • Geometrically accurate inter-polygonal warfare
  • And more!

The full soundtrack will be available on steam, once greenlit

To those with Photosensitive Epilepsy:
Though an epileptic friendly mode has been added to the options menu, please proceed with caution.


Install instructions

  1. Download the .zip for your operating system.
  2. Extract the .zip.
  3. Windows: double click `RFLEX64.exe` or `RFLEX32.exe`. Mac: double click the `RFLEX.command`. Linux: run `RFLEX.sh`.